Part 1 - The Meaning Of Life

For a complete table of contents of all the lessons please click below as it will give you a brief of each lesson in addition to the topics it will cover.\_c-\_arm64

Why C++? I primarily develop in Python professionally as an Automator however with every day passing we see another Ransomware attack that further cripples society in a catastrophic way.

This course is a comprehensive series where we learn every facet of C++ and how it relates to the ARM 64 architecture as we will reverse engineer each step in ARM 64 assembly language to get a full understanding of the environment.

There are roughly over 2,000 hacks a day world-wide and so few who truly understand how the hacks are executed on a fundamental level. This course is going to take a very basic and step-by-step approach to understanding low-level architecture as it relates to the ARM 64.

In our next lesson we will set up our development environment.

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